Wishing parishioners a warm welcome

Wishing parishioners a warm welcome

We have 3 seats available for Parish Councillors, if interested please email pc@greatblakenham.suffolk.gov.uk to register your interest

Above information dated April 2017


Great Blakenham

Great Blakenham is a small village based between Claydon and Baylham near Ipswich, in Suffolk UK, which is close to Junction 52 off the A14.

Within the heart of the village stands St. Mary's Church, along with it's square tower.

Newly opened, stands the Incinerator at the entrance of the village on coming from the B1113.

Along with many of the businesses working from Great Blakenham, the local radio station Town 102 is situated on the Orion Industrial Estate, along with Bolton Recycling, Sackers Recycling and Viridor Landfill Site.

 The Parish Council

Great Blakenham Parish Council has 7 members elected every 4 years, the most recent election took place in May 2016.

The Parish Clerk is the first point of call for the Parish Council. They can be reached via the clerk

The Parish Council meets every second Wednesday of each month at 7.00pm at the Parish Rooms situated in the middle of the village.

Members of the public are invited and welcome to attend any Parish Council meeting, where there is an allocated 15 minute period towards the beginning of the meeting for the public to voice any questions or queries.

The Parish Council have 3 noticeboards situated across the village, one next to the Parish Rooms, within the centre of the village, one noticeboard situated on the greenery on Blakenham Fields, and one noticeboard situated next to the bus shelter outside of Jack Brand's Factory. A schedule for all upcoming meetings will be avaliable to view on the noticeboards. The agenda will also be published on this website for viewing also.

Each year, an Annual Parish meeting is held within May, and all parishinors are invited to attend.

The Chairman gives a report on the activities from the Parish Council, and reports on the finacial position of the council from the previous working year.

The Annual Council meeting is also held within May, where the positions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected.

Great Blakenham

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